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- So I gave some beans to Shimauma...
- What?! That's impossible!
- Of course it's possible! Why not?
- Shimauma is your spirit, spirits eat only souls and other spirits, but NOT food!
- Of course they can, she is sick now. Perhaps because of those things.
- WTF, spirits can't be sick, especially because of some kind of beans!
- So why I had to leave her at home, hmmmm?
- Sunrise-chan?
- Yes, Hao-sensei?
- Stop calling me that!
- Toma-san calls you like that all the time!
- Because I am her sensei, not yours! And where is she?
- Oh, you know, she took her usual evening walks.
- With Risu?
- Nah, my nee-san's spirit is sick too.
- I already said - it is NOT possible! Your spirits just tricked you two with their cuteness!
- What ever you say, Hao-sensei.
A small boy, about 9 years old, sighed. After this sound, silence surrounded two young shamans, whom were walking down a hill.
The little girl, Sunrise, was two years younger than her master, but her long blonde hair and deep green eyes made her look much older. But again, those eyes were always sparkling and full of love for everyone. As every companion of Hao Asakura, she had two kinds of clothes - for a fight and  for everyday life. For this calm February 16 evening, Sunrise wore long pink plain dress without sleeves, black sandals with pink legos, pink gloves and old necklase.
Her spirit was formed as a cat with black and white stripes, called Shimauma. She had really strong relations with nature, just like every spirit, but her power was special - the Great Spirits gave her the right to bend air. With that old necklace, Sunrise had the ability to summon air as well as Shimauma. This ability also allowed to protect her spirit from any danger. But the best thing about Shimauma - she had a twin sister, called Risu.
They weren't completely similar - Risu's tail was huge, while Shimauma's tail was tiny. And Risu didn't have as many stripes as her sister - only the same enormous tail was as stripy as a zebra. Plus, she had a power to bend water, not air. And her master Toma couldn't bend it - her necklase disappeared on the day her whole family was killed.
Hao found her about 4 years ago, on one simple day, when he wanted to wash up at his favourite lake. He did not know why he saved a girl who obviously wanted to kill herself, but her blank soulness eyes reminded him about his first life. His pain. And his Mother. Hao promised  to teach Toma how to control her pain and hatred, and in exchange, she promised to be his servant until death will invite her to meet the ones she lost.
The little brunett with deepest blue eyes always wore black short skirt and shirt, black sandals. Hao didn't have anything against black, but if they traveled at night, he often mixed her with his own shadow. For this and because she was his only student, Hao gave her a ring with a yellow star on it.
- Hao-sensei, do you know what today is?- Sunrise's voice stopped his train of thoughts.
- Nope.
- "Silver Night"!
- You ask me what today is, and then you say that today is "Silver Night"? Makes no sense.
She giggled.
- Not everything has to make sense, Hao-sensei.
- Hey, call me Hao-sama, ok?
She giggled again, this time louder, and nodded.
- That's actually a great idea, Hao-SAMA! So, anyway, we will try to find that special silver flower tonight.
- Don't tell me you believe in those lies!
- It is a beautiful tradition and I want to cheer up my nee-san.
- Yes,- he smiled when they entered a  small camp full of tents.- You should try to do that.
- Beans are so tasty for me, how could someone dislike them?
- Are you even listening to what I'm saying?!
- Sure, pain and beans - not a good combination.
Hao opened his mouth to start another argument, but a small figure entered the camp and distracted him.
- Konnichiwa, Hao-sensei. Sunrise-chan.
- Toma-chan!- he smiled.- So you will attend the "Silver Night" as well?
- Hai.
- Great. You two have fun,- he turned away from two girls and started approaching his tent.
- Arigato, Hao-SENSEI!- a teasing scream came to his ear, but as Hao turned around, preparing himself to do something bad to thay blonde, he only saw two girls running as fast as they can.
Blondie's laugh made him smile as well.
After 10pm raindrops started falling from the darkest sky. The Future Shaman King was sitting on the edge of his futon, waiting for his small companions.
Yes, for some reason, he was really worried. They've been in the forest for more than 4 hours, what are they doing? Playing "Monopoly"?
- Hao-sama! Hao-sama! Hao-sama! Hao-sama!- a voice came from outside, and a blonde girl entered the tent. No, not Sunrise, Marion. She was crying desperatelly.
- What happened?!- he jumped.
- T-Toma... Jeanne.. Death! DEATH! Sunrise-san... X-Laws... Attack... Silver... Death! DEATH!- she started a weird confession wih some random words.
- What?!
He waited until the girl fully recovered from her shock, and only then he finally understood the message.
- X-Laws killed Toma-san and Sunrise-san!!!!
He was standing somewhere deep in the forest, staring at two small bodies in front of him. They were completely covered in blood, even in the moonlight they were crimson red.
Tears escaped his brown eyes and mixed with the raindrops.
He kneeled in front of the brunett, Toma. Scanned her body. Her soul is no longer here, it disappeared. She is no longer with him. Hao brushed her long hair.. They used to be as brown as his, they used to flow with the wind exactly like his... No more. No more. She is gone. He took her wet hand... He always liked her pale skin, it was so soft... Now it's wet and cold. Hao noticed his ring, the only thing without blood on it. Perhaps it was a sign... He took it. Then he saw something else in her other hand.
A weird flower... He had never seen anything like that before, not in his three lives. Perhaps... But no, it wasn't silver, it was as red as the blood of the two corpses. Hao wanted to crush it, burn it, destroy it. But he took it with him.
He turned to Sunrise. The necklace was gone... Her death was quick and maybe not as painful, that's what he saw in her opened eyes. But they were blank and soulness. They were dead. He reached out his hand and closed them. The blood... He was lying in her blood, and this made him feel like she is still with him... In the most painful way he knew.
He spent the whole night moaning his little companions. When Hao burried them near the forest, his clothes were crimson red and smelly, just the same as his skin and hair. But he didn't care.
Love hurts...
This was supposed to be sad, but I don't know... Not that sad, right? AND I MADE SO MANY MISTAKES!!:cries:
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Sergej12345 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Sad and beautiful.Was flower truly silver?
NHxAT Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
ZK1Zuko1Katara Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
You are mad if you think this is sad
NHxAT Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
ZK1Zuko1Katara Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Oi kaip issigandau!
NHxAT Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Padarysiu is taves tai ka padarei man sitoje istorijoje.
ZK1Zuko1Katara Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
As neparasiau kaip tu mirei ir kokios zaizdos buvo:D:D:D
NHxAT Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Tam ir reikalinga vaizduote:D:D:D:D:D:D
ZK1Zuko1Katara Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Ooo geras dabar savo mirti isivaizduosi:D:D:D:D
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